Jan 20, 2021

The gaming market is increasing day by day. Mobile, PC, Console gaming companies are investing million – billion dollars in this project. Thus a massive amount of revenue is earned by these companies. Due to this coronavirus, game companies saw the most significant increase in engagement and revenues. A large number of people are working in the game industries. Scopes are high to shine economically in this sector. So, software engineers and software companies are showing importance to game industries. Three types of gaming are the most popular. Mobile, PC, and Console games have the highest number of users.


Statically it is assumed that mobile games will generate revenues of $77.2 billion in 2020. Despite the PC and Console games, the mobile game has the most prominent marketplace in consideration of the number of users. There are a few reasons why a mobile game has a more significant number of consumers.

  • The mobile game development process is less complicated. So there are so many varieties in mobile gaming.
  • The mobile game is an alternative to PC cafes.
  • Most of the mobile games are free.
  • Almost half of the total population uses a smartphone. Thus mobile games reach so many people.
  • Teenagers are highly addicted to mobile rather than PC and Console. In this regard, the mobile game is superior to the PC.

These are one of the very few reasons why the mobile game has more users. Approximately there will be more than 2.5 billion mobile gamers in 2020. And the game company can earn a massive amount of revenues as users will pay 35% - 38% for the games.


On the contrary, Console and PC gaming are at a healthy growth rate too. Their users are increasing day by day. Due to this coronavirus, many teenagers, adults are spending their leisure time playing PC, Console games, so these two sides are earning a lot in this pandemic. Over 700 million players are using console gaming, which will boost to almost $45 billion.


From an analysis, it is seen that in 2020 mobile game revenue will be approximately $77 billion, whereas Tablet and Smartphone games will have an income of $13.5 billion and $63.5 billion. But PC and Console games will contribute a total of $82 billion. In this case, the Console game’s targeted revenue is almost $45 billion, and in terms of PC gaming, it is $37 billion. But if we compare the growth rate of the players, we can see that the user is increasing almost 13% in case of mobile games, more than 2% in table games, nearly 16% in smartphone games and almost 5% and 7% in PC games and console games gradually. Almost half of the players are from China, and the U.S. has contributed a lot through regions like Latin and Asia-Pacific.


Due to this corona pandemic, the game companies are facing some problems too. Company collaboration, Physical distribution, Certification, and other issues result in a delay in the publication of the game. So, to reach the targeted revenues; is becoming harder day by day.