Jan 20, 2021

The Corona virus has already affected us in so many ways. States showing the rate of unemployment problem is increasing due to this pandemic. So many offices and other institutions are doing some online activities. In this regard our company ‘NapTech Games’ are trying to launch a great platform for the youth where they can connect with us through online, can work with us, will be able to develop their skills and furthermore there will be scopes to earn money as well. Our current programs are:

  • Game Research & Market Analysis
  • Game Design Game Art / Illustration
  • Game Development
  • Sound Artist
  • Game Monetization / App Marketing
  • Augment Reality and Virtual Reality

  • Some basic knowledge is required to work in the fields mentioned above. Even we are planning for online courses, tutorials from where you can learn and prepare yourself to work with us or any other company. For any query please contact via email and submit your resume.

    e-mail address :