Shooting Games

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What are shooting games?

In Shooting games, the player has to shoot the enemies or targets in multiplayer or single player environments.  These games test the focus and aiming skills of the players.  There are many shooting games that include naval combat, space battles, 2D duelling, and other combat scenarios.

First-Person Shooting Games (FPS)

In a first-person shooting game, the player plays the main character's role in the game and views the world through the main character's eyes. These games are also known as FPS games. Typical gameplay involves eliminating a variety of enemies with a range of weapons and completing a number of objectives or chores. For example, “Battle Madness

Multiplayer shooting games

Online multiplayer shooting games are the most popular among young players. In these games, players play against one another in real time battles. The players usually play with their friends or against their friends. In action games, they provide a wide variety of weapons for the players to choose from. For example, “Commando

Adventure Shooting Games

Adventure shooting is a combination of both adventure and shooting games. The players get a variety of weapons to kill their enemies. While killing the enemies, the player also explores the adventurous world of the game, where he has to avoid different types of obstacles. For example, “Battle Madness” and “Metal Kid Soldier

Survival Games

Survival games require players to carefully manage their limited resources, construct useful things, and battle hazardous enemies in order to survive in a difficult environment. The gameplay in these games is typically situated in an open world, and exploring is given a great deal of importance. For example, “Dead Target

Arcade Shooting Games

Targets such as spaceships, aliens, and zombies are commonly featured in classic arcade shooting games. These are known as "shooter games.". These games often have a rapid pace and require quick reactions from the player. For example, “Duck Shooter

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